Friday, September 4, 2009


I had a great time with some pastors from the Northwest yesterday.  We met for lunch at Northwest Baptist Church in Marysville, WA.  They hosted the meeting and had a wonderful lunch and dinner for everyone.  About a dozen pastors and their wives were able to attend.  We had a great time as the men went golfing together and the ladies went shopping.  The ladies were given a gift certificate to spend by the host church, and the 18 holes of golf and carts were paid for by the host church as well.  That evening, after a good meal, I spoke to the pastors and their wives about what God has been doing in Grand View, and how we have been on the GROW again.  (About 350 in growth in one year.)  Our new staff has been the reason.  They are doing a great job for Christ.

Today, I'm in Leviticus.  I'm meeting the pastors for another session for a few hours this morning before driving home, and my wife, Mrs. Vicky, is speaking to the ladies.  Here is a thought or two:

OFFERINGS- We have the Burnt Offering, the Meat Offering, the Peace Offering, the Sin Offering, the Trespass Offering, the Wave Offering, the Heave Offering (part of the Peace Offering), and the offering on behalf of Aaron, the high priest.  Now this takes up the first nine chapters of the book, and here is the point:  God is teaching the people that worship is done HIS WAY.  Every offering had strict guidelines and stipulations.  They were to be followed to the tee.  If not, like Nadab and Abihu (sons of Aaron), they will die by offering something to God in the wrong manner.  Now, we don't offer sacrifices anymore, but we are still to worship as God tells us too.  It is sad that many today have chosen to worship God any ole way as they feel like it instead of doing things a Bible way!  Let us decide to get our truth and structure from God's Holy Word, not the modern culture around us.

2) CLEAN AND UNCLEAN- In chapter 11, God tells the people what animals of land, water, and air, are clean, and which ones are unclean.  Here again the purpose is that God wants a peculiar people.  He still does!  We are a peculiar people by redemption, and by our separation from the world.  We are to so live that we seem peculiar to a lost world.... how about you?

Hope you have a blessed day.... see you tomorrow!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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