Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, it's early Saturday morning, and I've been reading in Matthew and Mark.  I enjoy reading about Jesus and His earthly ministry in the Gospel.  In just a little while I will go to the church to meet some men for our Saturday morning, "Men of Destiny" meeting where I teach on being a godly man and leadership, etc.  Then we all have a time of prayer and enjoy a great breakfast together.  Today we are preparing again for another great Sunday.  Tomorrow is Sunday, and I love Sundays!!

Here are some thoughts I marked as I read this morning:
1) HE'S ON HIS WAY- Matt. 21:5 says "Behold, thy King cometh".  This is talking about the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem when He rode the donkey and the people shouted His praises.  But the thought came to me that truly, "Behold, thy King cometh!"  Jesus is on His way.  The timing is all up to God the Father, but Jesus is already to meet His children.  The angels have it all rehearsed, Jesus is dress in His royal robes to meet us, and His arms are already out st reached to give us our very first Heavenly hug!  Our King is coming to get us!!  Are you ready today?  Are you living like today could be the day?  I'm afraid that so often I don't live with that expect ion.  Dear LORD, would you please help me to live everyday like this could be the day that my King cometh?  Thank you LORD, I need that, and I need you!
2) WHAT A WASTE.... REALLY??  Well, the world thinks that living for Christ is such a waste, but we know better!  In Matt. 26:8 even the disciples after seeing the woman break the alabaster box of ointment and anoint the head of Christ, said: "To what purpose is this waste?"  They followed the LORD, but did not see the reason for the sacrifice given to the LORD.  Sad, many Christians think like this ole world thinks.  A sharp young couple going to the mission field... what a waste.  A family sacrificing for the cause of Christ in their church building program.  A man spending hours each week reaching boys and girls for Christ... what a waste.  BUT, the reality is.... every thing else is the waste.  Only what is done for Christ makes any eternal difference.... all else is waste.  Lord, teach me to live for the eternal, and not waste the moments, hours, and days, on that which has no eternal significance!  Love you LORD!!
3) DON'T BE AFRAID.  A man is beside himself.  He is stricken which unbelievable grief.  His daughter is so sick that he leaves her side (torn when doing so) to hunt up Jesus.  Jesus agrees to come and now is detained by another woman with an issue of blood.  That lady is healed, but now the news comes to you that it's too late for your daughter.... she's dead!  Grief..pain... sorrow... all wraps itself together, but then... Jesus speaks.  What will He say:  "Sorry about your loss."  No, that is what we would have to say... but not Jesus.  In Mark 5:36, His words are: "Be not afraid, only believe."  Now His powerful words strike right at the heart of the matter.... we sought Jesus because He has power that has no physical limits, no boundaries.  Be not afraid, only believe.  Hey dear mother raising your children... "Be not afraid, only believe."  Hey dear man just laid off from work... "Be not afraid, only believe."  Hey dear Christian, worried about an election, worried about an economy... "Be not afraid, only believe." 
Well, my time has come and gone again.  Thank you for spending some time with me today and listening to my ramblings as I read the scriptures.  May God bless you royally today!!  Dr. Mike Mutchler
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