Friday, August 28, 2009

Philemon, Hebrews

Yesterday, I did not get my blog out, but I did post my travel arrangements for a speaking engagement.  My email and my blog address start the same way, and so I got them mixed up.  At least now you know I will be speaking in Chico, CA at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.  Dr. Tim Ruhl is a great pastor and doing a great job in building one of the very best churches in Northern California.  I'm looking forward to being with him for two days. 

I'm getting ready to wind up the New Testament again.  Only a few days left.  Here are a few thoughts for today:

GETTING OLDER- Philemon 1:9 says: "Paul the aged, and now also a prisoner of Jesus Christ."  Paul was much older now.  I mentioned two days ago how he was probably 35 or so when saved, and then waited three years to go to Jerusalem, and then went with Barnabas fourteen years later, and so he was now 52 years old BEFORE he began his missionary journeys.  Wow!
Now, he is much older and in prison on top of that.  But, he is not discouraged, but rather encouraged!  His hope is in the LORD and not in circumstances.  Oh that we could be the same way!

UNCHANGEABLE PRIESTHOOD- Hebrews 7:24 tells us :  "because he continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood."  Now this is so important for so many reasons, but here is one to ponder.  Int he Old Testament we had the cities of refuge.  These cities were set up so that those who committed sins that would cause others to want to put them to death could escape to IF they were inadvertently guilty.  They could stay there as long as the high priest lived.  When the High Priest died, they had to leave and risk being found out.  Now we have a High Priest, who ever liveth!  Wow!  This means that our sins can never come back on us to "find us out" and punish us for our sins.  This means our Salvation is secure in Jesus Christ. 

LET BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUE  Hebrews 13:1  says just that.  Why cannot we just act "Christian" and love each other?  Over the many years I have pastored, I have had good people leave the church I pastor, mad at me.  Now, I don't have a clue why (they never tell me), but they (very, very few, but a few) tend to bad mouth me as though I have hurt them somehow.  All I've ever tried to do is love God, people and help others.  If they have changed their beliefs, they might feel they no longer fit in, but I have not changed, they did.  But now, I'm the bad guy.  For the life of me, I can never figure this out, and yet it happens to many good men of God.  Paul was evil spoken of by the Corinthians, and I believe he was a great man of God.  So we should expect this, but still.... the Bible says:  "Let Brotherly love continue."  This is the Bible way.  Even when I know that someone has spoken ill of me, I will always treat them with kindness and love.  Why?  That is the Bible way of living, and above all things, that is how I want to live my life, the Bible way!  Let us all purpose to let brotherly love continue in our lives.  By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, in that ye have love one for another.   Good verse!  Good truth! 

May God richly bless your day!!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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