Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today, I started reading the Bible through... again.  I'm excited about it every time.  I love to start and then to finish reading through the Bible.  This morning I was once again impressed with Genesis.  "In the beginning God...."  It all starts with God.  All creation started with God.  All mankind, started with God.  Marriage started with God.  Relationships started with God.  Every single thing had its start with God.  Then I thought.... each day should start with God!  Every thought should start with God.  Every activity should start with God.  In fact, in every beginning of any sort... we should start with God!  Here are a few thoughts I had today:

1) GOD IS ACTIVE- God created, said, called, divided, made, saw, blessed, etc.  God is doing things in chapter one.  It reminded me of Jesus in the book of Mark where the word "immediately" is often used to describe what Jesus does next.  God is active.  Active in this world, active in our lives, active in our futures, active in our past, God is active!

2) LETS TAKE A WALK- "Enoch walked with God"  and "Noah walked with God"..... and we should too!  This morning, I walked with God, but I want to keep that up the whole day.  Walking with God is not about an hour in the morning, it is about 24 hours a day.  Our first thought should be God, our last thought should be God, our waking thoughts should be God.  Walk with God today. 
Lord, I want to walk with You today.  Let my thoughts center on You.  Let my heart reach out to You.  You are reaching out to me.... let me be aware of that and reach out to You as well.  We can meet in the middle.  We can share a wonderful day together.... lets take a walk together today dear Lord.  Amen.

Well, this is all I have time for today.  Have a blessed day in the LORD!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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