Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Amazing!!  Yes, it's amazing how God gives you insight into the Scriptures even after you have been saved and reading His Word for so many, many years.  For instance, I have always known that Deuteronomy means "second law", but I guess it never dawned on me WHY it was repeated, until this morning!  You see as I read yesterday, a whole generation had died off in the wilderness and now they are numbered again in chapter 2, and this I knew as well, but today both facts tied together... the law as given again because it was a whole new crowd as heard it in Exodus 20!!  I had never tied the two together until this morning... simple, but to me...profound!

Here are other thoughts:

1) Deut. 11:1 "Therefore thou shalt love the LORD thy God, and keep his charge,..."  That phrase "keep his charge", "keep my charge", "keep the charge" is mentioned over and over in the Old Testament.  It means to keep what God has commanded.  Let us "Keep the Charge" of the Lord today!

2) Deut. 12:30 we see the phrase: "Take heed to thyself..."  This phrase is mentioned seven time in the Old Testament and once in the new it says: "Take heed unto thyself".  The truth is that it is a full time job "taking heed unto ourselves"!!  We get so good at discussing everyone around us, but God wants us to "take heed to thyself".  So, let's be doing this!!

3) Deut. 26:12, 13  Verse twelve talks about the tithes.  It says "tithing all the tithes of thine increase..."  and in verse 13 it calls these tithes "the hallowed things".  Something is hallowed when it is dedicated to God.  Our tithes become dedicated to God when they come into our possession.  In other words, one tenth of all that comes through our hands belongs to God and God considers them to be "hallowed things".  So we must give that back to God with an offering as well.  We do not want to be guilt of having God's "hallowed things" in our possession, it belongs to His work!!

Well, today will be a short one, but rest assured as I have time, I always have things to share that I've just read that morning.  May God bless.  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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