Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today is Sunday!  I love Sundays.  I get to meet with God's people and know that God is going to meet with us.  We have a full day ahead with the services this morning, and our Christmas Program (that's right) being tonight after having to cancel twice and finally putting off to the 11th of January.  But, it will be nice and a blessing.  We see people saved at all of these programs throughout the year. 

Today, I'm in Joshua and Judges.  You can see God blessing the leadership of one man, Joshua; and then you see when there are many judges, how that things don't go so well.  The greatest days of blessing for Israel was always when they were under the leadership of one man.  God plans it that way!  Here is a highlight or two:

1) CITIES OF REFUGE- In Joshua 20, there were appointed cities of refuge that a man could run to and be safe if he killed someone unawares and without malice.  An accidental death, or a death that came about without any intent.  This man could run to the city of refuge, until he stood before the congregation or until the death of the high priest.  We have a likeness to this in some regard.  We run to Jesus and are safe!  We did not sin unawares however, we were guilty and not innocent at all!  We stay with Jesus until our High Priest dies (but... He ever liveth to make intercession for us!); and Jesus takes us to our Heavenly Home.  Now it is always hard to stretch an allegory, but Jesus IS our City of Refuge!
2) JUDGES- God raised up ordinary men and women to do extraordinary jobs as a judge.  They were men who were common until God blessed them with uncommon strength, or leadership ability, or wisdom, or.... something special!  This ought to inspire us with hope.  God can use us too!  We are as common as they come, and yet we too serve this great, uncommon God who delights in using nobodies to do His work and pleasure. 
LORD, I'm nothing!  So many times I run to you for refuge, and I've sinned.  I'm glad you are my refuge and you have never turned me away.  I'm glad that I find my place with you and stay secure until Heaven's bright shore opens up for me.  I'm glad that you have chosen to use people like me as I yield myself to you.  Lord, use me!  Let your glory shine through such a lowly vessel.  I am yours to use, to control, to flow through... today, and every day!
Love you LORD!  Amen!
Have a blessed day!   Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor
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