Friday, July 17, 2009

II Kings & I Chronicles

Another beautiful, hot day in Oregon.  Going to get up to 91 degrees!  Wow!  That's hot for Oregon.  Had a very productive week.  Had over 5,000 doors knocked on throughout the area and over 120 saved last night during soul-winning.  What a great time.  I prayed with 11 and took a new partner with me last night.  He enjoyed it so much.  Here are a few thoughts:

1) SET THINE HOUSE IN ORDER- In II Kings 20:1, this is what Isaiah told Hezekiah to do.  He said he was going to die and needed to set his house in order.  Now, as Christians, we too need to set our house in order.  Go through your books, and videos, and magazines, and make sure that everything reflects a Christian home.  Have Bibles out and about.  Have Church materials handy.  Have good Christian music playing.  Have Scripture verses on the wall, or in a picture, or Christian phrases about.  Set an environment for your home to serve the LORD.  Set your house in order!

2) JABEZ ASKED FOR A BLESSING- Yes, in I Chron. 4:9,10, Jabez asked God to bless him and God blessed him.  The principle here is that we too can ask for the blessings of God upon our lives too!  He will bless us! (if we ask Him)

3) STAY THE COURSE- In I Chron. 12:33, it is listing the men of Israel from each tribe and describing their greatest assets militarily.  In this verse, it mentioned the men of Zebulum, and it says of them:  "expert in war, with all instruments of war, fithy thousand, which could keep rank:  they were not of double heart."  It seems today that so many Christians are of "double heart" and do not "keep rank" anymore!  They have godly standards, and then they throw them out the window in the name of "grace".  They are faithful to church, then they only come once a week on Sunday mornings.  They love the fundamental Bible preaching church, and then they want to bounce around to the beat of a comtempory "service".  They are of "double heart".  The key to success in the Christian life is to "stay the course".  Keep rank with you church, your pastor, your church's program.  Don't be of "double heart", and wander back and forth.  Stay the course!!

Well, so much for today.  Thank you for all of you who send me kind notes from time to time.  (emails)  They are a great encouragement and keep me blogging on.  Thank you and I hope from time to time you receive a blessing and a thought as well from these paragraphs each day.  May God bless you!  
Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor & Friend
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