Wednesday, November 18, 2009


After 50 plus hours of traveling, I made it home from India.  It was good to lay down for the first time in 56 hours.  It was quite an experience and I hope God used me in a way that will make a difference.  I believe that He did. 

This morning, I am reading in I Chronicles and here are a few thoughts:

1) DUE ORDER- In I Chron. 15:13, David acknowledges that the reason things did not go well when he first moved the Ark of God was that he did not do things according to the "due order".  God has a "due order" for everything in life.  Obedience as a child, and then lead as a parent; Learn and then teach; Practice and then performance; Marriage and then Intimacy; Earn and then purchase.  These and many more are part of the "due order" that God has for all of His children.

2) SING, SEEK, GIVE.  All three of these are mentioned in I Chron. 16 for us to apply as we worship God.  SING in verses 9, 23, & 33;  SEEK in verses 10 & 11; GIVE in verses 8, 18, 28, 29, 34,35, & 41.  Look to apply all three of these as you worship the LORD!

3) HELP-HARM-  We must always realize that those who have the greatest capacity to Help, also have the greatest capacity to Harm.  David was the greatest king Israel ever had, and yet, David caused more to die in his army than any foe ever did because of his sin of numbering the people.  In I Chron. 21:14, it states that 70,000 died because of God's judgment for David's sin.  70,000!!  We must always realize that if God uses us to Help His people, let us not be the ones that also Hurt His people.  Let us stay humble and obedient to the LORD and thus only Help the people of God and those around us.  Let us Help, not Harm!

4) WILLING?  Are you willing?  Seven times in five verses in I Chron. 29, the invitation goes out to those who are willing to work for God.  IF we are willing, then God will use us where He will.  IF we are not willing, then we have nothing worth offering God anyway.  Are you willing?  Let us first be that, and then let God tell us the rest!

Well, good to be home.  Love you guys and hope you have a blessed day!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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