Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm in Washington state at a preaching conference in Tacoma, WA.  Dr. Mark Smith is the pastor of this good church.  It was a blessing last night as Dr. David Gibbs II, preached and Dr. Johnny Pope.  Two great preachers (and a great lawyer, CLA.)  We took a bus load of our teenagers and a few car loads of adults who are spending the night.  It is three hours away, but worth the drive.

I finished up Exodus and got ten chapters into Leviticus and let me point out just these few truths:

1) WHERE IT ALL BEGAN- How does God choose a man to bless?  I don't always have the answer, but in the life of Joshua, we see this great clue as to how his life for God began.  In Exodus 33:11, we see that the LORD spoke to Moses face to face in the tabernacle, "but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle."   Joshua was a servant of Moses, and Joshua stayed around a man of God, and Joshua stayed in the tabernacle long after Moses had left!  He wanted to be near God and God's man!  This is where the hunger to serve God all begins!!

2) GIVE US THE GLORY!- In Exodus 40:33 it says:  "So Moses finished the work."  This was the work of the tabernacle with all of it's furniture.  Moses had it all made according to the pattern shown to him on the mount.  Now, in verse 34, we read:  "Then a cloud covered the tent of the congregation, and the glory of the LORD filled the tabernacle."    Oh that we would since the glory of God each day, filling our tabernacle (bodies) and our places of worship (churches).  How I do since this each time I meet at church!

3) GOD MAKES IT EASY FOR YOU-  If you want to get right with God, He makes it easy for you.  In Leviticus 5, when you sinned and were to come to the tabernacle with a sin offering, you needed to bring a LAMB; unless, you could not afford a lamb.  Then you could bring TWO TURTLEDOVES, OR TWO PIGEONS; unless, you could not afford these two birds.  Then you could bring the tenth part of an ephah of FINE FLOUR for a sin offering.  In otherwords, God made it easy for anyone who wanted to offer a sin offering to have something to offer Him.  Salvation is simple, Forgiveness is abundant,... God makes it easy.... IF we have the desire to get right.  Do we?

Well, so much for today, must be getting ready.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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