Thursday, July 17, 2008


I didn't get to write anything yesterday, but I did my reading yesterday and today.  I just finished a great conference to help me be a better pastor for our dear people.  I glad I learned more about being used of God to reach more people for Jesus Christ.  Here are a few thoughts:

1) II Kings 2:15- "The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha".  Elisha, you remember, asked for a double portion of the spirit of Elijah and God granted him that request.  Realizing that, I often ask God to do the same for me!  I have known and know of a few great men of God who have been greatly used of God.  I want to be a blessing to the cause of Christ and so every once and a while, I ask God to give me the same anointing of the Holy Spirit on my life as they have and had on their lives.  We all need God's power to be effective on earth for Jesus Christ.  Join me in asking God to give us both a double portion of God's spirit.  Oh, to be used of God!!

2) II Kings 3:18 "a light thing".  God was blessing his people and helping them defeat a great enemy with a great number, and God's man said that it would be "a light thing".  It is always a light thing for God to do anything!!  He is so powerful and capable to do anything He desires.  He can help us.... just ask Him!!

3) II Kings 5:18 "the LORD pardon thy servant in this thing."  Here was Naaman who was cured of leprosy, and he gathers up dirt to put on the ground in Syria so he can bow down and worship the LORD of heaven everyday.  But he had a master who was an idolater, and when his master went into the house of his god, Rimmon, his master bowed down and he held the hand of his master and knelled down with him and helped him back up.  He knew having been healed by the LORD, that now worshiping other idols and gods were not to be done.  His heart was set on the LORD..., but... he asked if God would pardon him for bowing down just to help his master.  He would not be bowing down to worship with his master, but be kneeling to be a help to his master... and he asked God to please pardon this kneeling in the house of a false god.  How admirable that he is now conscious of God's feeling and thoughts!!  We too should do the same.

Well, I've got to drive and catch a flight, so though I have much more to say, I have to stop!!  Have a blessed day!!   PASTOR MIKE MUTCHLER

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