Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm in my rocking chair with my Bible open and a hot cup of coffee beside me.  It is a quiet morning so far.  Last night I had the prividege of praying with seven people and my partner saw five saved also.  What a blessing to share the gospel!  I have much to do, so let me share a few thoughts that spoke to my heart this morning:
1) TAKE HEED- I noticed that in Deuteronomy chapter 12, the phrase "Take heed to thyself" occurs three times, and each time it mentions three different subjects.  The phrase "take heed to thyself" is a strong phrase and calls for the listener to sit up and pay attention.  This is not a request... it is an order!  In English we might say: "Be sure that you..."  .  It reminds us to do a necessary thing.  Like before a long trip.... be sure you water the plants.  Saying to your son: be sure you take out the garbage.  These are necessary things!  Now, in Deuteronomy, here are the three things that are necessary:
a. (vs. 13) "Take heed to thyself that thou offer not thy burnt offerings in every place that thou seest:"  The next verse tells us that the offerings could only be offered in the place of God's choosing.  Today, people say: "I'll have church at home."  But that is not the place of God's choosing.  Our church and home should be intertwined, but they are not the same.  We are to meet with other believers under the authority of a church with a God called pastor recognized by the congregation.  Take heed.... be sure!
b. (vs. 19) "Take heed to thyself that thou forsake not the Levite as long as thou livest upon the earth."  Here we are told to take care of God's man!  The pastor of your church is God's man.  He isn't the smartest, the strongest, the most talented; but, he is a God called man for the task of being the pastor of your church.  Take heed that thou "forsake not" that man.  Follow him. (whose faith follow)  Submit yourself to his spiritual leadership. (Obey those that have the rule over you and submit yourselves...)  Take care of his needs.  (Paul said: 1Co 9:11-  If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things?)  We are commanded to take care of the needs of God's man and his family.  Take heed... be sure!
c. (vs. 30) "Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them, after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou inquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise."  God is saying here... don't follow the wrong crowd!  You will end up just like them and also be destroyed as they were.  We must be careful to follow the right examples and not people that are not following the Lord in the right way!  Take heed.... be sure!

Today, I'm spent my whole time on one thougth, and that thought will preach!!  Take heed dear brethren!   LORD, I love you today.  Help me to be sure to do those things that you desire of me.  If I'm not careful, I'll fill my day with things that are good, but not important.  Help me Lord, to "take heed to myself" to do that which is commanded of me.  I love you Lord, and need you today.  Thank you for loving me and I trust you for strength, grace, and leadership today.  Help me dear Lord I pray.  Amen!

Have a blessed day!   Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor

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