Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blessings From The Psalms

This morning, I read Psalms 31-50.  They are a blessing, and I have so little space to share so much.  Let me pick out a few thoughts that bless me.
1) 31:15-"My times are in thy hand:"  God knows all about me and how long I will be on planet earth.  I can trust him and when my time is over, heaven is waiting for me and I'm good with that.  We can trust Him and not worry or fret about the future.
2) 34:3-"O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together."  We need to worship together with other believers!  This is the wonder of church.  Our spiritual family is for our good and for carrying out God's great commission.  It takes all of us to magnify His holy name.
3)35:14-"I behaved myself as though he had been my friend or brother".  This verse tells us how to treat those who are our adversaries.  God wants us to treat them nicely, even when they are not treating us that way.  It does so much.  First it makes us a better Christian to love our enemies and behave properly around them.  Second, it lets others around us judge our character by our actions.  People may say bad things about you, but anyone who watches you a while will have a different opinion of you.  Third, it may be used of God to convict them.  Even Saul repented when David showed him mercy in stead of killing him. 
4)42:5- "I shall yet praise him".  When all was dark in David's life, he still believed that he would yet praise the Lord.  In other words, he had faith that there would be better days ahead.  Sometimes we thing that bad times are here to stay, but that just is not true.  "and it came to pass" is a great phrase in scripture.  We will yet praise Him, but you need faith to get you through the dark times of life.
47:6- four times in one little verse it says:  "sing praises".  I think God is trying to tell us that we ought to sing praises to His holy name.  It is not about our voices, it is about our heart!! 
Well, I've got to go for now, thanks for joining me again and hope you have a great day.  May God bless.  Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor

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