Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ezekiel 37 shows us a vision...

I've got my coffee beside me and I just finished reading Ezekiel 30-Daniel 2. I'm also looking out a picture window at two feet of snow in Sunriver, Oregon and the sun is coming up through the trees. A big squirrel just ran across the snow. It will be a great day! Here is some of what I read: Ezek. 33:7 says that Ezekiel was set up as a watchman unto the house of Israel to warn them of God's judgment. I think that preachers are a watchman. Looking at our society, we should warn Christians about the dangers of getting away from the Lord and living our lives as though we don't need God. Ezek. 37 shows us a vision. The vision of the valley of dead bones. Ezekiel is told to preach to these dead bones and as he does, they start assembling themselves and come to life as a great army for the Lord. I think of the multitudes around Portland, Oregon who do not know the Lord and are like those dry bones. God asked: "Can these bones live?" Well, when we preach the Gospel, many of them will come to life in Jesus Christ and become a great army for the Lord in heaven, and upon earth for Christ someday. Salvation is a supernatural event every single time, but our job is to keep sharing the Gospel, and then we too can see "dead bones" come to life in Christ!! What a joy! After finishing up Ezekiel, I came to the first two chapters of Daniel. Daniel is amazing! He lived for God all of his life. In Dan. 1:8- he "purposed in his heart" that he would not defile himself, but live for God. We certainly should do the same thing. I'm looking forward to reading the minor prophets. They begin right after Daniel, and there are 12 of them. Daniel is a highlight of reading through the Old Testament, and I hope you find it a blessing like I do. Well, my coffee is cooling down, so I had better drink it. I'm going after my third cup of coffee this morning.
Pastor Mike Mutchler

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