Monday, July 6, 2009


What a blessed day we had in Church yesterday.  I just don't understand Christians not loving church.  There I'm with my spiritual brothers and sisters, and there I'm with my spiritual family.  Every local church in another family of believers.  Your closest friends should be in your family!  I love it Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night.  It's great!

I'm reading in Leviticus and Numbers today, and here are but a few thoughts:

1) CLEAN OR UNCLEAN?  In chapter 13 of Leviticus it spends the whole chapter talking about leprosy and whether they are clean or unclean.  Whether they have leprosy, or do not have leprosy.  When they have been miraculously healed of leprosy, they still had to show themselves to the high priest to be declared "clean".  He had to make the declaration, or else you were still to be thought of as unclean!  Now we all were sinners condemned to eternal death in Hell, but when we got saved, our high priest (Jesus) declared us "CLEAN:" for all eternity!  Wow!  So when Jesus saves us, he also cleans us up and then pronouces to all of Heaven that we are clean, and has it recorded in His Book of Life!  Praise the LORD!!

2) GOD MAKES A WAY- In chapter 25 of Leviticus, we hear about the land resting every seventh year.  (vs. 4,5)  In fact the reason the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon for 70 years is that they did not honor the seventh year of rest for 490 years, so God let the land rest by putting the whole nation in captivity!  (Check it out for yourself.)  But some of the Israelites would be thinking.... How will I eat the seventh year, and then it will take another year to make a crop?  Well, whatever God commands.... God makes a way! 

Well so much for today, I'm talking to Ricky Martain in the Philippines on the phone.
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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