Monday, September 15, 2008


What a great day we had yesterday at church!  God has been sooooo.. good to us!  The place was full, decisions for Christ, people baptized, family joined the church, many visitors that are coming back again (they said), and the spirit of God was present both Sunday morning and Sunday evening!  What a day!!  If it keeps getting better and better Oh LORD, I don't know what I'm going to do!
Well, this morning I'm in II Samuel and I Kings.  I love the historical books of the Bible.  I & II Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles.  They have the history of Israel, but also insights into God's dealing with man, and man's dealing with God.  We learn so much by their actions and God's response to their actions.  We see what they do that pleases God and displeases Him.  We learn by their examples or lack of one.  Let us read the Bible to learn and apply what we learn.  Here are just a few thoughts:
1) David "poured it out unto the LORD".  In II Sam. 23:16, David's three most mighty men broke through the enemies lines to get David a drink of water from Bethlehem's well, just because David mentioned he wished he had a drink from that well.  There they go... fighting every foot of the journey, and get the water and fight their way back with bodies left in their wake.  Now that David realizes what they did, and why they did it... he pours it out unto the LORD.  This was not a disservice to the men, but it was an acknowledgment that only God deserves such loyalty!!  And so David, gives the water to the LORD!!  I am so privileged to pastor such great people that I must give all the credit to the LORD for He alone deserves such a people!
2) THE HORNS OF THE ALTAR- I Kings 1:50, we see Adonijah "caught hold on the horns of the altar" and in 2:28, we see Joab "caught hold on the horns of the altar" as well.  The horns of the altar.... do you understand that?  The altar sat on the backs of twelve bullocks that were cast of bronze.  The faced outward with three of them facing north, south, east, and west.  These bullock had horns and they were indeed an impressive sight.  When someone "caught hold of the horns of the altar" it was because they were looking for mercy.  The problem was that they were looking for mercy after judgment had already been pronounced.  We need mercy before judgment is pronounced!!  Don't wait until your sin has caught you red handed to look for mercy.... go to God right now!!  Run to Him right now!!  Don't wait!!  You will find His mercy IF you go right now, openly and honestly before God, but if you wait until judgment starts, judgment will be followed through!!  Dear God in Heaven, help me to look for mercy now, not later.  Help me to be ever so sensitive to my sin and come humbly to You for forgiveness.  This I pray!
3) FALSE BOASTING- In I Kings 12:10, Rehoboam says: "My little finger shall be thicker than my father's loins."  He is boasting here about how hard he will be on the people verses his father, but it is only that.... a boast!  Rehoboam lost everything of worth in the kingdom within five years!!  His kingdom was worth billions.... how do you lose that much??  Well, when you go against God, you lose everything quickly and that was just what happened!

Well, time's up!  I've got a lot on my plate today, and hope to get it all done!  Hope you have a blessed day.... walk with the LORD.... today IF you hear His voice.... listen and obey!  Dr. Mike Mutchler
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