Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday, I did not get to blog anything.  It was a busy, and also a relazing day at the same time.  I just got involved in the activities of the day.  Here are some thoughts for today:
1) TODAY- You may have heard me write this before, but it is such a good thought.  In Ps. 95:7,8, it says: "Today if ye will hear his voice, Harden not your heart."  We need to hear from God today... and then keep a soft heart.  Listen for God to be speaking to you from His Word, to Speak to you each and every Church service.  Speak to you in your quiet moments.  God wants to communicate to us His will and direction for our lives.... Speak Lord, for thy servant heareth! 
2) Psalms 107 is a song of deliverance.  It shows the children of Israel getting into trouble by rebelling against God and they four times it says: "They they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he samed them out of all their distresses."  It would be nice to cry out before we were in trouble, but it is important to cry out!  Can you cry out to God... try it... He is listening!!
3) PSALMS 119- This Psalms is a master piece in poetry, song, and truth!  This song is made up of many sections.  One for each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Every verse in each section begins with the same letter of the Hebrew alphabet that the secion announces.  (The heading in your Bible for each section is a letter of the alphabet.)  Every verse has a mention of God's Holy Word.  (word, statutes, judgments, testimonies, precepts, statutes, ets.)  And each section is full of truth!  verses 33-35 say "Teach me... Give me.... Make me..."  76-80 say: Let,I pray thee, thy merciful kindness...; Let thy tender mercies come unto me....; Let the proud be ashamed;...; Let those that fear thee turn unto me,...; Let my heart be sound in they statutes;"  Five times each verse starts with "Let".  So other great truths!
Well, all for today.  I have a men's meeting to get to this morning!  God bless... Guess what?  Tomorrow is Sunday!!!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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