Monday, May 11, 2009


Had a great day at Church on Mother's Day, and all of our children did something nice for their mother as well.  They came over and stayed late.  Saturday, Adrian took her mother out to eat and spent time with her, and Saturday, Alex sent flowers from college to his mother.  Ryan and Jon and their families, came over after Sunday evening service for Pizza and stayed to almost 11:00pm.  We are tired, but enjoyed their company as always.  We a a tour group from Golden State Baptist College, and they did a great job singing and preaching to Teen Church.  It was another great day at Grand View.

I'm in Joshua 14, and I'm running out of time, but here are a few things I saw:
1) LOT- This is the chapter where they start dividing up the land of Canaan for the various tribes of Israel.  They did it by lot.  You put your stone, or paper, or something into a bowl, mix it up, pray over it, and then pull it out and that is the tribe that gets such and such land.  Now you would think that it is all chance, but the lot was not about chance, it was about letting God decide.  Prov 16:33  "The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD."  Man puts in the lot, but God is the one who decides which lot is picked.  (a great study sometime)

2) WHOLLY-  Caleb "wholly followed the LORD".  This is mentioned three times in this chapter.  Now wholly is not holy, but the meaning of holy, has a lot to do with the meaning of wholly.  When God says to be holy as He is holy, He is taking about us being wholly followers of Him.  We cannot be perfect, but we can be wholly committed to Christ and to His agenda for our Lives.

3) GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN- At 85, Caleb was just as strong and determined as ever!  Oh, that as I get older, I stay just as excited about the things of God and my relationship with Him!  Praise the LORD, there will still be mountains to conquer!! 

Love you LORD!!  Have a blessed day.   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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