Friday, January 14, 2011


Today is Friday.  It has been a fast moving week, but much has been accomplished.  On Wednesday, my dear mother turned 79.  What a joy she has been to my life, and what a blessing to be raised by her.  I have been out of my home for 39 years (left for college at 17), but what Dad and Mom taught me stuck with me all of these years.  She was the ideal Mom and I love her very much.  Today I am in Numbers again, and as I said yesterday, Numbers is full of truths that can be applied to our daily lives.  Again this morning, I underlined more than I can share, but here are just a few for today:
1) A PERSONAL GOD- When Moses knew that God was upset with Israel and wanted to wipe them out because of their disobedience, Moses reminded God of some things in Numbers 14:14:  And they will tell it to the inhabitants of this land:  for they have heard that thou LORD art among this people, and thou LORD art seen face to face,..."  What Moses said was that the heathen had heard that the Israelites had a personal God.  All the lands had gods.  That was nothing new, but what was new is that they had heard that the Israelites had a God who talked to them, who listened to them, who followed them, who led them, who could be seen of them and have a face to face relationship with them.  Still today, religions have gods and leaders, but none of it is personal.  Christianity is relational.  It is personal because we serve a God who is personal.  Lord, help us to experience that personal relationship with you even today!
2) A NEW THING- When Korah and the 250 princes came against Moses, Moses said that "if the LORD make a new thing,.... then shall ye understand that these men have provoked the LORD."  Numbers 16:30  Well, God did!  The earth opened up and swallowed them alive and brought them down to the pit according to verses 32 & 33.  Then in verse 35, a fire came down from heaven and consumed the two hundred and fifty.  God took care of Korah, his family, and the 250 men who had rebelled against Moses.  The sad thing is that others were affected; they always are.... and in verse 49, we see that a total of 14,700 died as a results of the rebellion of Korah.  He was already in the pit... but he influenced others to die as well.  Let us be careful about in-sighting rebellion.
3) A TOKEN- In Numbers 17, we see that God wanted to stop the murmuring against Moses and Aaron once and for all. Each tribe had one man take a rod and put it up before the LORD.  Aaron represented the tribe of Levi.  The next day, Aaron's rod had budded and had branches, leaves, and ripe almonds.  Wow!  That showed them who was the priestly tribe and who God spoke to.  They put that rod in the Ark according to verse 10.  This would be lasting token that God chose the Levites to serve Him. 
Well, my time has come and gone.  May God bless you today!
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