Sunday, August 15, 2010


It is Sunday and I'm excited!  Dr. David Gibbs is going to be with us and I know God is going to use him to be a blessing.  Today, I read Matthew and Mark.  Here are a few thoughts:

2) WORSHIP OF THE LIPS-  The Pharisees were hypocrites.  That is what Jesus said.  He said in Matt. 23:3 "they say, and do not."  We are to say.... but we are also to do.  It takes both.  The saying is the easy part of the Christian Life, the doing is the hardest part of the Christian Life.  We need to do both.  Let us not be found guilty of worshiping our LORD only with our lips!

3) HE IS RISEN   Matt. 28:6- "He is risen"  The Lord is risen and we live because of Him!

The foundation of our faith lies in these three little words:  "He is risen".  The resurrection authenticates everything Jesus said as being true.  He back up His words by His resurrection and gives us the confidence that we can follow Him.  He is unique among all other "earthly religious leaders", in that He is GOD in flesh!

4) ONLY BELIEVE-Mark 5:36 says: "Be not afraid, only believe."  What a wonderful exhortation!  We are so prone to fear about so many things, but the key is to only believe.  God is in control and we can rest upon that knowledge.  In so many area of life we don't have a clue what will happen and even sometime what's going on, but God does!!  We can look to Him and trust Him with our future.  Be not afraid.... only believe!!

5) NOT THE TALK BUT THE WALK  Mark 7:6 "This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me."   Just was Jesus said in Matthew, it is not the talk but the walk of a believer that pleases the Lord. 

Well, just a few things today.  Remember that tomorrow is my last till we get into September.  I'll see you tomorrow and then early next month.  May God richly bless!

Pastor Mike Mutchler

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