Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's Saturday, and tomorrow.... is Sunday!!  I sure do love Sundays!  This morning, I will teach our Men of Destiny at 8:00am this morning, and then have some fellowship with the men.  We pray together and it is a real blessing!  Here is one thought from the Psalms today:

GOD'S MERCY-  Mercy is a wonderful thing!  It is the love of God extend to us in forgiveness.  As a Christian, every time we fail, the enemy (Satan) will accuse us to ourselves and if not careful we forget that we are forgiven.  We go to God and ask for forgiveness to keep a right relationship with God.... not to keep a relationship with God.  That was settled when we first trusted Christ as our Savior!  But will God's mercy keep being extended to us when we fail the same ole things over and over it seems.  Well Psalms 136 was written to encourage us that God's mercy will still be extended to us.  In this chapter of 26 verses, it says 26 times: "for his mercy endureth for ever".  It would seem like God wants us to know something if He has it repeated 26 times in one chapter of only 26 verses.  Over and over you will read:  "for his mercy endureth for ever."  Wow!  What a wonderful thought to encourage us that though we fail and fail that God's mercy endureth for ever and is constantly extended to us.  Now do we take advantage of this mercy?  Yes and no.  We enjoy it's blessing, but we strive not to need it all the time.  We try to live our life pleasing to the LORD so that we don't need His mercy and forgiveness for every act or thought, but still we know, that we have a fallen nature and that without God's mercy, we are lost for ever.... so yes we do take advantage of it all of the time.  Revel in God's Mercy today.... thank Him for it!   For it endureth for ever!!  Have a blessed day!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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