Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's a rainy day in Tacoma, Washington.  I'm here for the annual "Preacher's Delight" conference.  About 30 of our people have come and four of our assistant pastors.  We bring the high school from our church and it is a great blessing!!  The people were all thrilled with the services last night both the adult service and the teen service.  Pastor Mark Smith of Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, has sure led his people to being a great blessing to other pastors throughout the Northwest and Western Canada.  Scores of Pastors attend each year. 

I'm in Leviticus again, and the details of the laws and the sacrifices and the ceremonies may seem trivial, but remember God has a purpose behind every instruction!  Chapters 13-15 deal with leprosy.  At this time it was a terrible disease that had no known cure, so the best way was to avoid it.  God tells His people how to diagnosis it, how to avoid it, what to do if God heals it.  God gives procedures to follow.  Throughout His Word, God gives us procedures to follow about so many areas of our spiritual life and so many dealing with our physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and societal life.  You see God's Word is a complete Book that tells us not just how to get to Heaven, but what to do till then!  Read Leviticus with this in mind. 

When God addresses sin in Leviticus, He also deals with the punishment.  He describes the crime, and the response from His people to the crime.  God deals with sin.  Praise God for the day Jesus Christ dealt with my sin on the cross!  I'm saved from the penalty of sin!  But, every day, I make choices about the entrance of sin in my life.  My sin nature dwells within me and works to rear it's ugly head all of the time, but I must walk in the spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh.  To do so, is to sin against God, and though it doesn't lose me my salvation, it separates to some degree my fellowship with my God and Savior.  I don't want this to happen.  I must win that struggle each day.  I cannot do it alone, I must look to God each and Evey day for strength and for my focus!  Keeping my eyes on Jesus is what must happen for victory to occur! 

Lord, help me to see Your purposes in every portion of Scripture.  I want to see Your hand at work in my life today.  I want You to flow through me to be a blessing to others.  Thank You Lord Jesus!  I love You Lord.... I just want you to hear it.... and know it today!

Have a blessed day!  Dr. Mike Mutchler
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