Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today is Wednesday.  I just got back from Washington, and I have a meeting real soon, so here is just a quick thought.

THEY MEANT IT FOR EVIL- In Gen. 50, after Jacob dies, Joseph's brothers come to him to ask forgiveness and to see what their brother would do now that their father has passed away.  Joseph tells them "ye meant it for evil, but God meant it for good."  Wow!  Such a great truth and theology in that statement and I've used it many time to show how God used Joseph to save so many people.  But, I never thought to apply it to our lives.... until today.  There are times people want to crucify you because somehow you do not meet up to their expectations.  Some try to destroy your good name, others to hurt you financially, or to hurt your family or ministry.  But they do mean it for evil.... but God can turn that all around.  Yes, even when people mean it for your evil.... God means it for your good.  We can only be a stronger Christian if we have critics.  We can only exercise Grace, if others spill out poison.  Their bad is to create our good.  Their evil is for our good.  Take heart dear Christian..... God means it for good!!

Pastor Mike Mutchler
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