Thursday, June 16, 2011

Job & Psalms

Today is Thursday.  What an enjoyable time we had at Church last night.  A great crowd for a Wednesday, and I taught through the book of Proverbs as we journeyed through the Bible.  It is a blessing to teach the Word of God.  Our people are like sponges and really enjoy the Bible.  Today, I finished up Job, and got into Psalms.  Here are a few thoughts to share:

1) GOD HAS SOME QUESTIONS- In Job 38 through 40, God has some questions for Job.  The amazing thing is that many of these questions man still has no answers.  God asks how the earth is hung on nothing.  We know about gravitational pull, but why then doesn't the earth just run into the Sun eventually?  What keeps it precisely on course?  We get the seasons because of the angle of the earth and it's elliptical course around the sun.... but why is it elliptical?  What causes that?  God alone has the answers!  God asks:  "Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea?"  Only recently, there was information that said the deep oceans had rivers that ran through them.  The earth has vents from which hot water comes forth from the depths of the oceans.  By what way is the light parted?  We know what a prism will do, but why does it do that?  If you read these chapters, you will see the "Awe" of God.  God has the answers, but to many of the questions, man does not still!

2) NOW I SEE- Job 42:5 says:  "I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear:  but now mine eye seeth thee."  Trials bring us into a close reality with God.  We hear about biblical truth and such, but when we need God desperately and He comes through.... we know!
Job now saw God up close and personal.  We too should learn these lessons in life.

3) THE BLESSED - THE CURSED- In Psalms, we see that in chapter one it is describing the man who is blessed of God.  In chapter two, we see that it describes the man who is cursed of God.  One seeks to live for God, the other seeks to mock God and rage against Him.  Don't fret over those who oppose God... He will deal with them.  He will "laugh" at their attempts to cast off God's bands (laws) from them.  Man proposes.... God disposes!
Let us be in that blessed group who are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and that whatsoever we do shall prosper. 

Thank you Lord for today.  I love you and rejoice in the day You have given to me.  Let my life reflect your goodness.  Let my thoughts be pleasing to Thee and my mouth say only that which edifies others.  Let me win some souls to You today, and help my mind to be stayed on Thee.  Let praises come from my mouth, and the song of my heart be sung to You.  Thank you for this day dear LORD.  In Jesus name..........   Amen!      Have a wonderful, blessed day.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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