Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's Sunday!  I cannot wait to get to church and be with God's people.  What a day it is going to be!  I know God is going to bless in a special way and that all of our hearts will be spoken to through the Word of God and by the Spirit of God.  It is always a refreshing time to go to church! 
I've read in I and II Chronicles this morning and I've enjoyed it very much.  The Chronicles cover much of the same history as I and II KIngs, but the difference is that the Kings are written from a historical view point, and the Chronicles are written from a priestly view point.  We see more of the genealogies mentioned in Chronicles because to a priest, that is very important in show the linage of the people.  The Chronicles also gives us more moral insights into the historical happenings.  Here are a few thoughts for today:

1) SING-SEEK-GIVE!  In I Chron.16, we have the psalms of David singing in gratitude of heart to God for allowing him to bring the Ark to Jerusalem.  In this Psalms he sings, we see three things that jump out at you:  (vs.9) "Sing unto him", (vs. 23) "Sing unto the LORD";   (vs. 11) "Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually." ;  (vs. 28) "Give unto the LORD", (vs. 29) "Give unto the LORD".  Do you see the words?  SING... SEEK... GIVE!  Not a bad combination for loving on God.  Try it yourself.

2) OBED-EDOM- This is the man to whom David dropped off the ARK when Uzza was killed by touching it.  It was dropped off as a deadly thing to be around, but later David heard that by having the ARK at Obed-edom's house, that (I Chron. 13:14 "And the LORD blessed the house of Obed-edom, and all that he had."  he was blessed.  So David when back to get the ARK from his house.  Now when David get the ARK, it seems that Obed-edom followed it to Jerusalem and never left!  You see the ARK had blessed his home.  The ARK represented God's Power, Presence, and Provision.  So having been blessed by it, and the God of the Ark, Obed-edom decides to pull up his roots and go where the ARK goes.  In eleven verses throughout I Chronicles, and fourteen times, you hear the name Obed-edom and it is always connected in some way with the Ark of God.  He spent the rest of his life trying to be close to that which blessed him so.  I think that is why I love church so much.... it has blessed me so!  Are you thankful like Obed-edom?  I hope so. 
Well have a blessed Sunday, my time is gone!  Dr. Mike Mutchler
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