Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today is Saturday.  I had a great time with the men this morning in our weekly Saturday morning Men's Meeting.  I enjoyed sharing the truth of "Live What You Know" with them.  God blessed and met with us.  Then I did some work in the office and had an hour long meeting with someone for counseling and also interviewed a prospective teacher for GVCA on the phone as well.  I hope God works in each situation.  I have a truth for you today:

HOW BIG IS YOUR ARM? Job 40:9 "Hast thou an arm like God?"  This was asked Job by God, and of course, the answer is NO!  But the reason the question is asked is to get Job to realize that until he is as wise and strong as God, he should not question God's actions.  God has reasons we cannot understand, and can do things we never would have thought possible.  Job for all purposes, thought his life was over...  who would have thought he would live another 140 years, and have twice as much in possessions and have 10 more children and have 3 beautiful daughters, and see his children's children's children, to the fourth generation? No one would have thought that... so you see when you think your life is over, it's not!  So, unless we have an arm as big as God's, let us trust Him!!
Hope this helps you today.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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