Sunday, March 16, 2008

Gems Found in the Kings

My reading for today took me from I Kings 17 to II Kings 15.  I have one cup of coffee down and another on its way.  Today is Sunday!!  Praise God!!  Today is Missions Sunday!!  I'm so looking forward to it.  Let me share with you some insights, some gems if you will, from the Kings:
1) WHOSE THE TROUBLE?  I Kings 18:17, Ahab, a wicked king, said to Elijah: "Art thou he that troubleth Israel?", and verse 18 says: "I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house,".  This world's system thinks the Christians are causing all of the troubles and the Christians believe this world's system is causing all of the trouble.  Someone is right.  Is it really the Christians promoting drug use, immorality,homosexuality, divorce, child molestation and abuse, gambling, smoking, alcohol, other addictions, etc.  I know Christians who have done all of these things, but is that really what they as a whole are promoting?  No!  We are against these things.  But the world promotes these things, and then turn around and blame Christians for not accepting them in a tollerant way!  This has always been the case.
2) THERE IS YET ONE MAN  I Kings 22:8, Ahab wants to go to battle with Jehoshaphat (king of Judah), and thus gives him the word of 400 prophets that say "go up to the battle", but Jehoshaphat ask the question:  "Is there not a prophet of the LORD besides, that we might inquire of him?"  and Ahab answers: "There is yet one man".  Micaiah has been kept in prison because he will not lie and say what man wants to hear.  He says only what God says, and because of it Ahab says: "I hate him".  The world doesn't need a lot of men and women to influence it, but it needs great men and women.  I hope the LORD will look at us today and say: "There is yet one man (or woman)"!!
3) A JOURNEY OF FAITH  II Kings 4:23.  I'll end with this one.  We have the Sunammite woman who was barren, but Elisha prayed for her to receive a child because of her kindness to the man of God.  (Men of God appreciate kindness!)
Now the child is growing up and one day falls, hits his head, and dies!  She takes the child into the prophets room they built for him to rest as he passed that way, and then orders a servant to get a donkey and take her to the Man of God.  She is a large lady, but she says don't slow down until we get to the Man of God.  As she is leaving, her husband sees her mounting the donkey to leave and ask: "Wherefore wilt thou go to him today?"  And she answers:  "It shall be well."  Thus begins the journey of faith.  All the way there she believed, it shall be well.  Do we have that kind of faith?  Do we really understand that "all things work together for good to them that love God"?  We each have our own journey of faith and I hope we run it well.  The boy had his life restored and it was well in the end.  So it will be with us! 
Have a blessed Lord's Day!  Hope you have a good time at Church today!  May God richly bless!   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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