Thursday, January 1, 2009


Today is New Year's Day!!  A new beginning and reading Genesis again the book of beginnings.  Today, I'm writing again from Tennessee.  We had my father's funeral yesterday and it was a blessing to hear a few old family friend tell how my father had forever influenced their lives.  I preached the message, and God blessed with one being saved.  A good crowd and so many said it was the best funeral they had every been to.  Many in the family had a part in the funeral.  It was indeed a blessing and how every Christian funeral should be.... rejoicing, not great saddness.  I was able to spend time with my pastor and it was such a great blessing.  He said the Mutchler family was the blessing to his life, not the other way around. (but we know it was the other way around.)  He spoke and quoted so many scriptures and it was a blessing to hear him talk. 
Genesis one is not about creation.  It is about the Creator!  Thirty times in thirty-one verses God is mentioned.  God said... and it was so.... and it was good!  What a start to all that exists!  Everything starts with God and finishes with God.  His creation starts with Him, and later stands before Him.  What a blessing. In the first three chapters, God is mentioned 56 times!!  It is about the CREATOR!!
SARAH- Sarah was called "a mother of nations; kings of people"  In Gen. 17:16.  God had big plans for her life.  When others were thinking about retirement, God was thinking of using her in a great way.  God has a plan for our lives as well, and we should look to submit to that plan.  Let us learn this lesson from Sarah.
IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD?  This question is asked in Gen. 18:14, and God is the one asking the question.  The answe is no!  Nothing is too hard for the LORD.  God has created everything out of nothing and now Sarah wonders if she could bear a child in her old age.  God can bring a child out of a virgin's womb...and later will!  God works in impossible situations.  He delights to work when it dismays everyone else.  God specializes in things thought impossible, He does the things others cannot do.  Trust him this year with your life, your work, your family, your future!
May God bless you as you start this brand new year!!
Pastor Mike Mutchler
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