Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today is Tuesday.  I have a trip to make to fellowship with another pastor in Washington today so I will leave out at mid-morning to meet him half way.  I had a full day yesterday with two staff meetings as we planed and discussed our upcoming activities.  We got a lot accomplished.  It is always a joy to spend time with our staff and get work done.  Here is a thought for today:

HE HATH GARNISHED THE HEAVENS- This is said in Job 26:13.  In Genesis, we see that he made the sun and moon, and the Bible says:  "he made the stars also".  The billions of stars in our universe and millions of gallaxies, were made almost as though it was nothing of note.  Here we see that the spirit of the LORD garnisheth the heavens.  Now, to me, this is not stars, because that is already mentioned, but here we have comets, falling stars, astroroids, black holes, super novas, etc.  All of these "extras" garnish the heavens for man to look at and wonder over.  How big is our God?  Amazing!
Then, in the next verse it says:  "Lo, these are parts of his ways:  but how little a portion is heard of him?"  The idea is this.... knowing all we know about God... it is so little of who He is.  He is so great, we know so little of His greatness!  We are filled with wonder with what we know, but we know so little!  Cannot wait till Heaven when we will be filled with the knowledge of God!  No wonder we can sing His praises throughout eternity and it never will get old.  God is that great!!!!!
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