Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Chronicles

Yesterday I mentioned that the Chronicles were written from the vantage point of the priest and because of that, you have many different insights into the history that the Holy Spirit gives us from a distinct view point.  The rise and fall of the Israelite Kings.  Both Israel and Judah will fall into captivity with the Babylonians for 70 years.  If you read carefully, the Bible tells you several reasons:
1- They forsook God.  They embraced the God's of the land and forsook the worship of the true and living God.  We too can be in danger of bowing down to the idols of pleasure and comfort rather than service to our God.  We are too tired to attend church more than once a week, and we are certainly too tired to go out and evangelize our area with the Gospel.  Surely God knows that... or does He?
2- They did not let the land rest.  Yes, in the Bible, every seven years they were to let the land rest, but when that didn't happen, the Bible tells us that God said He would allow the land to be taken captive so that the land could rest.  And that for every year that the land did not rest, they would be in captivity.  You can see with the seventy year captivity that God was catching up with the nation for not allowing the land to rest like He said.  God has a way of catching up on us when we do not obey Him.  When we do not tithe, we find things breaking down, we find things going wrong financially, and many other things because God has a way of catching up with us. 
Well, so much for today.  I'm off to an early breakfast at Pastor's School in Hammond, IN at the great First Baptist Church.  It is great!!   Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor

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