Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today is Tuesday.  I am teaching at Golden State Baptist College and then I will catch an early afternoon flight back home.  I enjoy teaching college young adults, but I also enjoy being home.  One life and so many ways to use it, but only one way can be used.  It takes wisdom to know where and when you should be where God wants you.  We are His vessels and should be where He wants us.  God opens doors and we must go through them as we can.  I'm in Joshua, and here are a few thoughts:

  In Joshua chapter one, four times we see "be strong and of a good courage".  Truely courage is needed to do the work of God.  Joshua is told this I believe about 10 times in all beginning in Deuteronomy when Moses calls him to lead the Israelites.  He was over 80 when he took charge and God blessed him because he was full of faith and courage.  That's what we need!!

2)INTERESTING! - Joshua is told to be of good courage, and in chapter 2, verse 11, Rehab tells the two spies that when her people heard of the deeds performed by God, "neither did there remain any more courage in any man".  God has filled the enemy with fear and His people with courage!!  Now the greatest part... this happened forty years earlier!!  When they heard about the Red Sea parting so they could cross over their hearts were filled with fear.  Ten of the twelve spies filled the Israelites hearts with fear, but God had filled the people of Canaan with fear.  The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years until a whole generation died off needlessly because God has prepared their victory IF they had only crossed over Jordan!!  I hope we have courage enough to advance for Christ!!  If not, we will not go forward.

3) CALEB - Joshua 14:8-"..but I wholly followed the LORD my God."  Shouldn't this be our goal to wholly follow the LORD.  I hope I will do just that today and everyday.  I find it's a decision I make every day.  Make it with me today as we go forth with courage to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us "wholly" follow the LORD!

Have a blessed day my friend.  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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