Thursday, March 13, 2008

I SAMUEL 11-31

I didn't get to the blog this morning because of the Mission's Day at Grand View Christian Academy.  We are having our Mission's Conference and it has been wonderful!  Bro. Layne Jones has done a wonderful job in preaching to the teens and adults.  This morning, I read twenty chapters in I Samuel.  The Book deals with the lives of three men:  Samel, Saul, and David.  Samuel is the prophet of Israel and God used him in so many special ways.  He anointed Saul and David to be the Kings of Israel.  Saul was the first man chosen, and he was a good man until he thought he was something.  We are all nothing without God and must always remind ourselves of that.  David, was the young boy that God chose to replace Saul.  David slew Goliath and won a great victory for God and the Israelites.  David was used in the palace to play music for Saul, until Saul's jealousy got out of control.  These are the three men who the Bible describes.  They were all mightily used of God at some point in their lives, and yet, they all had flaws.  Samuel's boys did not live for God and did not speak well of his ministry.  Saul had incomplete obedience and even offered sacrifices only the priest were allowed to do.  David committed adultery with Bathsheba and we know what happened there.  The thing is... they were full of flaws, and yet greatly used of God.  It doesn't make sense until you realize that it is not the vessel, but what is in the vessel that is important.  We are just earthen vessels... clay pots if you will, but we have within us the very Son of God!!  This is what is important.  May God bless and see you tomorrow!!  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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