Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I & II Peter, I,II, & III John, Jude, and Rev. 1,2

It's Monday morning, what a great day Sunday was.  I preached at Grand View Baptist Church in the morning, and we had such a great crowd and spirit in the service.  We had thirteen professions of faith and three adults baptized, and two families join the church.  I also heard there was a great crowd on Sunday night as well, but I was not there.  Sunday afternoon, I caught a flight to Santa Clara, CA to preach for my dear friend Dr. Jack Trieber, and North Valley Baptist Church.  I guess there were about fifteen hundred for the Sunday Evening service and it was a joy to preach to them.  Afterwards I spent time with Dr. Trieber and his family at their home and it was a blessing.  This morning, I read I & II Peter, I&II&III John, Jude, and two chapters into Revelation.  Then I went out for Coffee with Dr. Trieber and some of his men on staff and now I'm writing a little.  I will preach at College Chapel and then teach an afternoon staff meeting for about 60 people and then tomorrow I will teach at the college Master's program.  It will be a good time, but I will miss my wife and family while away. 

Here are some thoughts from the scriptures I read:

1) I Peter 1:3 "abundant mercy"  I love that phrase.  It means God's grace will never run out, it will be there when we need it and we need it all of the time.  Praise God!

2) I Peter 5:13 It struck me as I read this verse how often I have read it and yet did not think anything about it but now in light of world events I thought of it.  "The church that is at Babylon, elect together with you, saluteth you".  Imagine, the church in Babylon!  I have heard recently that many people are coming to Christ in Iraq.  That the Gospel is being preached and many are turning to Christ.  I guess that makes all we have spent for their liberation worthwhile.  May the Gospel abound again in the city and land of Babylon!!

3) II Peter—TRY TO REMEMBER…  I used to love that song, "Try To Remember", but even more important is God's Word telling us to remember.  I saw this all throughout II Peter.  1:9 "hath forgotten that he was purged from his old sins."; 1:12 "to put you always in remembrance of these things"; 1:13 "to stir you up by putting you in remembrance"; 3:1 "I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance"; 3:17 "seeing ye know these things before".   We are first to be taught in the Word, and then we are to be reminded the rest of our lives that which we have been taught!  We forget the first principles sometimes and need to have our remembrances "stirred up".  This is why we need to be faithful to ALL church services to stay stirred up in the truth of God's Word.

4)KNOW!  God wants us to know some things.  This is why in I John, just five short chapters, we have 22 verses that mention the word "know" 27 times!!  Christianity is not blind obedience, it is following something and Someone, we have come to KNOW! 

5) Greet the friends by name.  Fellow believers are called "friends".  I like that!  They are indeed my friends, and I ought to call them by name.  I hope we all get to know each other better and call people by their names. 

Well, so much for today, I will not get to post this until Tuesday evening, but you will get it then.  May God bless!  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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