Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More in Deuteronomy and In Joshua

I'm at a conference at North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA.  You can watch the conference at: ; and see it live.  Last night we heard a great message by Dr. Clarance Sexton from Powell, TN.  He pastor's a great church called: Temple Baptist Church.  What a ministry he has and he preached a great message last night to challenge the pastors that gathered across America.  It was indeed a great time!
Today in Deuteronomy again, I just have a little time to write so here are a few thoughts for the day:
Deut. 32- THE SONG OF MOSES- We have in this chapter the song of Moses and what is interesting is that this is again mentioned in Revelations.  Apparently this song is very famous in God's eyes and we will all learn to sing it someday in the future as all of God's children have been gathered home.  It would do well to read it now and get prepared!  God is called our ROCK in this chapter; we are called the "apple of his eye" in this chapter; we see God as an eagle that "stirreth up her nest".  It is a lovely chapter that has timeless beauty.
Deut. 34:7- MOSES DIED AT 120 YEARS OLD- Yet, the Bible says: "his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated."  Israel was ready to enter the promised land but Moses had disqualified himself and could not go so God took him home.  He could had lived much longer in the promised land, but his disobedience lost him his ticket into Canaan.  Now this doesn't suggest losing one's salvation, but losing victory.  Canaan was a picture of victory, leaving Egypt was a picture of Salvation.  Just because we are saved, doesn't mean we are victorious... we must obey God's Word to be victorious!
Joshua 3:17-ACROSS JORDAN- Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea on dry ground and now Joshua leads the children of Israel across the flooded Jordan river on dry ground.  "stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan".  God makes a way when there is not a way. 
Joshua 7:21-THREE STEPS TO SIN- "I saw", "I coveted", and "took".   Achan saw, coveted and then took a Babylonish garment, two hundred shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold of fifty shekels weight, and then hid them in his tent.  It looked so easy to steal, but God sees everything.  It cost him so much for what he did in private with no one looking.  What are we willing to pay?  Is secret sin (which isn't really secret at all) worth our own destruction?  Is it worth the destruction of our family as well?  I don't think so, not for one minute.  But, we play with sin as though we will not get caught in it's trap.  Achan found out that God watches... Let us learn a lesson from a man who lost everything including his life.  Don't mess with sin!!
Well, I could write so much more, but my time is gone!  Have a blessed day.  Dr. Mike Mutchler

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