Friday, May 11, 2012


Today is Friday.  I hope you enjoy your day.  
AN OVERWHELMED SPIRIT- In Psalms 77:3, it reads:  "I remembered God, and was troubled:  I complained, and my spirit was overwhelmed.  Selah."  In this song of Asaph, the chief musician of David's kingdom, we see he speaks of a common trial.  Our spirits get overwhelmed.  It is easy to have this done.  We are not all powerful, all knowing, and all sufficient.  We need God, and when our spirit get's overwhelmed, it simply reminds us that we are not our own savior.  We need God!  There are so many trials that we face where we do not have the answer, nor the power and ability to affect change if we had the answer.  Thus, it overwhelms us.  But, we were not made to have the answers.  We do what we can do, and then we trust fully upon the LORD JESUS CHRIST to do what we cannot do.  He will see us through!!  He will!!  Yes, He will!!!  Trust Him dear friend when your heart too is overwhelmed.
Pastor Mike Mutchler 
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