Friday, January 16, 2009

I & II Kings

Today, I'm back home in Oregon and looking forward to being here for many weeks before I travel anywhere.  It is a blessing to be back home in Oregon and to the good people of Grand View Baptist Church.  In looking at I & II Kings, here are just a few thoughts:

1) NAME YOUR PILLARS- I know that sounds strange, but I take this from I Kings 7:21 when the two large pillars at the entrance of the temple are named.  One is called Jachin and the other Boaz.  They were given names that meant something to remind those who entered the temple what they could expect inside.  Jachin means: "He shall establish"; and Boaz means: "In it is strength".  Each time they entered the temple they knew that God would establish them and they knew that they would find strength!  The pillars told them so!  Now, when I say name your pillars, we ought to think about the places we enter that are a blessing to us!  How about in the front of your home:  "Enter to this Haven"; how about: "Welcome to a Family", how about:  "Within, Find Peace".  I know, I know.... my suggestions are a little corny, but how about thinking up something on your own and then thinking about a way to display this "pillar" of reminder.  How about on the church entrance: "Come Be Refreshed";  "Welcome to the Family"; "Come Meet With God";  "Where Christ Walks in our Midst"; again... corny... but think of something yourself and then figure out how to implement this.  I have thought on this for years and still have not implemented it, but that has to change!  Name your pillars!

2) ABANA AND PHARPAR- These were clean rivers in Damascus and the muddy water of the Jordan was where Naaman was asked to dip seven times!  By all observation, the two rivers of Abana and Pharpar would have looked much better, where appealing to the eyes, were not as swift, smelled much better, and perhaps were much larger and more impressive. (Jordan is not that big!)  BUT.... they could not cleanse!  Jordan was used of God to clear Naaman's leprosy away, and the others would never be used of God to do so.  Now, let's look at that in today's context:  Some churches and religious movements look so impressive and enticing, and yet, God still uses the old fashion, Bible believing, Bible preaching, Singing, Praying Church!  The old muddy ways still change lives and save souls.  Which would you prefer?  I'll take the one that saves, cleans, and prepares one for a life of service for God. 

Have a blessed day!  Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor
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