Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm sitting in my rocking chair and looking out the window as it is snowing hard right now!  Wow.  I'm sure God is sending all of this snow and cold because He laughed at the thought of global warming.  God controls the environment, not man.  God controls our lives and deals with us according to our response to Him and His Word.  We had a wonderful day at Church yesterday.  The whole Sunday Morning service was fantastic.  What a blessing to see our English, Spanish, and Korean church meet in the main auditorium and worship together.  The choir special was phenomenal!  Everyone was wanting to shout:  "Praise God!".  It was just that moving.  In fact, our choir received their first standing ovation.  The regular choir was joined in the song with the Korean Choir, the Spanish Choir, the Children Choir, two soloist, and then a choir from the Philippines by way of video.  It was so amazing!  Well, today, I'm in Deuteronomy.  The name means: "second law".  In chapter five the law is given again.  The reason for the book is that the first generation of men coming out of Egypt have died off due to their disobedience.  Now the law is given again to the new generation of Israelites.  Here are one or two highlights:

1) THEY GREW- In Deut. 10:22 it says: "Thy fathers went down into Egypt with three score and ten persons; and now the LORD thy God hath made thee as the stars of heaven for multitude."  Egypt was God's incubator for Israel.  He multiplied them there!  Do you know that God seeks to grow us as well?  Not just in children raised, but in our spiritual lives, God wants to grow us.  Let Him work in your life.  Let Him find us yielded and ready to grow into His plan for our lives. 

2) GOD WILL PROVIDE- In Deut. 29:12, it says: "The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure,..."  God opens up His treasure house for His children.  God will supply all our need according to His riches... not ours!  Have confidence in 2009 that God will indeed take care of you.  He will provide, He will see us through and see us through with rejoicing!  What a blessed day that will be! 

All for today, just two simple thoughts.  Have a blessed week and pray for us as we begin our Mission's Conference this Wednesday evening and conclude next Sunday morning!
Pastor Mike Mutchler

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