Thursday, May 6, 2010


We had another great night at our Youth Explosion.  WE had 572 at church last night with 385 teenagers and another 39 getting saved.  That was 166 saved for the three days, Mon-Wed.  It was very exciting to see what God did.  Praise the LORD!

In Lev. and Num., I have a few thoughts:

1) SIXTEEN: "I AM THE LORD"- In Leviticus 19, the phrase "I am the LORD" is found 16 times.  In each case, God is adding weight to what He has just commanded.  He ends the commandment with "I am the LORD your God."  This is to remind the people Who is saying the commandment, from Whence it is coming, and Why they should obey the commandment.

2) STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!- In Leviticus 26 it says:  "And five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight:  and your enemies shall fall before you by the sword."  Now this is teaching there is strength in numbers, but it also shows us that the more numbers... the more strength.  5 chasing 100 is a 20 to 1 ratio.  So, when you say 100 shall chase people, a 20 to 1 ratio would be 2,000 they would chase.  BUT, the Bible says that 100 shall chase 10,000!  Now that is a 100 to 1 ratio!  So not only is there strength in numbers, but the more numbers.... the more strength!!

3) 70 YEARS OF CAPTIVITY- According to Leviticus 26:34, the reason the captivity was 70 years in Babylon was that for 490 years, the Israelites had not practiced the sabbath of the land. (letting the land rest every seven years)  So, God took 70 years to catch up with what the Israelites had not done... hence... 70 years in Babylon let the land rest!  Just goes to show that God will not let His laws go without consequences and making things right.

4) COUNT THEM- Numbers is about counting, and the Book of Numbers is the same.  In Numbers 1:1-3, God says to count the males from 20 years and up. (age 50 will be given later).  All are counted except the Levites (who don't go to battle.)  Verse 46 will tell us the number is 603,550 men, not counting the Levites.  Later in Numbers, they will be counted again... and will be less in number.  A whole generation from 20 and above have died in the wilderness and thus the number is different.  They will be counted again before they enter the promised land.  There are many interesting facets about the counting in Numbers that would take a whole day to write about.  Study it out, and you will find great truths in the numbers! 

Hope you have a blessed day!   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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