Sunday, March 2, 2008

Genesis 21 through 40

Today is Sunday morning!  How I love Sundays!!  This morning my wife brought me my second cup of coffee and I just finished reading chapters 21 through 40 in Genesis.  So many great insights into the people God chose to use.  At 100, Abraham has the child of promise, Isaac.  Imagine have the promise given you at 75 and waiting 25 years for its fulfillment.  At 75 Abram received the promise; at 86, Ishmael is born, and at 100 Isaac is born.  He had to patiently wait for God's promises to come about.  Patience is a hard lesson to learn.  Waiting on God when we want the answer yesterday!! Sarah is 90 when Isaac is born, so he is named Isaac meaning "Laughter".
Sarah laughed when she is told she will have a child and she laughs for joy when the boy is born.  In chapter 22, Abram is called upon to sacrifice Isaac.  This is a great story of faith.  After God comes through for them, they name the place: "Jehovah-jireh" meaning: "the LORD will provide".  I hope we know this lesson… God will provide.  He has promised us this over and over in Scripture.  In chapter 25, Esau despised his birthright for a bowl of soup.  We despise our birthright by not living for our Lord as we should.  We are the sons of God through salvation and a part of God's family… we need to live like it and remind ourselves of that often.  In chapter 28, Jacob makes a vow to God that if certain things are done for him, that God will be his God and that he will tithe of all that he possesses.  Well God comes through, and Jacob keeps his vows to God.  In chapter 31, we have good advice given Jacob by his two wives, Rachel and Leah.  They say to their husband: "what-soever God hath said unto thee, do."  Remember that Mary, the mother of Jesus, said the same things to the servants at the marriage supper in Cana of Galilee.  She said:  "whatsoever he saith unto thee, do."  Sounds very familiar, and it is very good advice.  Obey God!!  In chapter 32, Jacob wrestles with an angel and has his named changed to Israel meaning "a prince with God".  Here we have the name Israel mentioned the first time.  Jacob will be the father of this beloved nation of God, and yet for every great blessing their seems to be a price that is paid.  Jacob was touched by the angel in the hollow of his thigh and limped the rest of his life because the sinew shrank.  It is better to limp with the blessings of God than to walk normally without God's blessings.  Great men of God have so often paid a great price.  Are we willing to limp with God's power on our lives?  Lastly, we see Joseph.  I love Joseph the dreamer.  My favorite phrase is "behold, this dreamer cometh".  I hope I've been a dreamer for God.  That's my desire.  I've not seen all of my dreams come true… yet, but I've seen many of them become reality.  Well, have a blessed Sunday and hope to see many of you in church.  Pastor Mike Mutchler

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