Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am in Longmont, CO today to speak at Hopewell Baptist Church where Pastor Corey Seulean.  I spoke last night and will speak through Wednesday night.  I hope God will use me to be a blessing to the good people and fine pastor of Hopewell Baptist Church. 

I'm in II Samuel today and here are a few thoughts:
1) FOUR STEPS TO LEADERSHIP-  In I Sam. 14, Jonathan, Saul's son, exhibits leadership abilities by stating four steps to leadership.  Notice them:  (vs. 4) "Jonathan sought to go over"  Before someone ever becomes a leader, they are a self motivator themselves.  Jonathan sought to go over to fight the enemy before every thinking about his servant helping him.  Someone who will only act when they have a following acting with them is not a leader.  A leader does what they know to be right if no one follows!  (vs. 6) "Come, and let us go over".  A leader will challenge others to do right as well, and some will chose to follow.  Not to encourage the leader, but because the leader is encouraged!  Example will always lead to emulation.  A leader must give others an example to follow before offering others an opportunity to follow.  (vs. 8) "We will pass over"  Confidence in God's ability is a sure sign of spiritual leadership.  Leaders don't say let's give it our best shot.  Leaders say  "Let's do it!".  Now leaders certainly don't accomplish everything they set their mind to, but they don't set their mind to do anything half heartily.  They are committed and they are confident in the outcome, even when they cannot see the end of the outcome.  This confidence is what speaks to followers.   It is not manufactured, it is God given.  (vs. 12) "Come up after me".  Leaders lead the way.  They are out in front.  They sacrifice greatly before they ever ask for additional sacrifice.  They pray before they ask for prayer.  They go before they ask others to follow.  Jonathan was a leader and would have been a great king had not his father giving the kingdom away by his actions.  Let us learn from him these lessons in leadership.
TIME IS ALMOST GONE- In I Sam. 20:3, David says: "there is but a step between me and death."  The older I get, the more I realize this.  WE have no promise of tomorrow.  Today we should life to the fullest for God and our loved ones.  People pass away all around us and many having never seen old age.  God knows best, but our time is only a step away!  Don't live in fear, but rejoice in that you have today! 
May God bless you today!  Live for the LORD.   Pastor Mike Mutchler
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