Sunday, May 4, 2008


Well, it's Sunday Morning!!  What a beautiful day it is outside, and how I'm looking forward to Church this morning.  Today, we have "Old Fashion Day" at church.  Everything is decorated old fashion, and we have many different antique cars in the parking lot to view after church and hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone!  It will be a fun day and a big day!

After the morning service, I travel 5 1/2 hours to John Day, Oregon where I'm speaking tonight at the First Baptist Church of John Day where Rob Foreman pastors.  I'm not sure if I can get on the Internet there, so you might be getting two or three later this week.  In reading Exodus, here are just a few thoughts:

1) THE LORD SAW, MOSES SEE, SO GOD CALLED.  Ex. 3:4- When God saw that Moses turned around to see the burning bush, God called Moses from the fire.  What if Moses had not turned around to see?  We need to be curious about the things of God and seek them out.  God says, If you seek for Me, you will find Me!

2) HIS FAMILY AND A ROD OF GOD- Ex. 4:20  Moses went back to Egypt with his wife and two sons and the rod of God in his hand.  When you have your family, and you have God's presence and power, what more do you need?  Moses had it all as he goes back to stand before Pharaoh.  No doubt he was scared, but he had his family and his God.

3) JEHOVAH- Ex. 6:3 God says He will be known by His name JEHOVAH.  This is the first time this is mentioned in scripture, and the personal name of God was so sacred, that throughout the Old Testament, you will find that it is written down LORD instead of JEHOVAH, but it is the same word.  I'm told that when it is written down, it didn't have any vowels in it since the name of God was so sacred and that is why some people say YAHWEH instead of JEHOVAH.... no one really knows but GOD!!

4) PASSOVER  Ex. 12:13,14, & 43.  The whole chapter is about the Passover.  When the death angel saw the blood on the door post, he would "pass over" their home and not take the life of the first born child.  Thus "Passover" became a "memorial" in verse 14, and an "ordinance" in verse 43 to be carried out for all generations by the Jews.  The Lord's Supper became our "Passover", because the blood and body of Christ sacrificed for our sins allowed the wrath of God to pass over us as sinner now saved by Christ.  AND, it too is an "ordinance" of the church instituted by Christ!  It helps to understand one passover to understand the New Testament Lord's Supper.

5) SONG OF MOSES- Ex. 15 gives us the song of MOSES that he sang after the deliverance from the Red Sea.  In Rev. 15:3, the saints "sing the song of Moses the servant of the Lord".  Must be a great song!!  I'm looking forward to one day singing it myself.

6) THE SEVENTH YEAR- Ex. 23:11 says that every seven years the land is to rest.  Do you realize that God thought that important.  Do remember how the Israelites went into 70 years of bondage in Babylon??  Do you remember reading why God chose 70 years??  It was because they had not let the land rest every seven years for 490 years, and God added them all up together and it came to 70 years that the land needed to rest in order for His word to be kept!  God must mean what He says!!  Let us not trifle with God's Holy Word.

Well, so much for's Sunday!!  I'm going to church real soon.  Maybe I'll see some of you there!  Blessings upon your home.   Pastor Mike Mutchler

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