Thursday, August 14, 2008


If you follow my blogging each morning, you have realized that I have not written anything the last two days because I have been on vacation.  Now, I still read my Bible on vacation, but I haven't written anything down.  I did mark many verses, and hope to write something about them later. 
My wife and I have spent a few days in Ocean Shores, WA.  We had a hotel here and have enjoyed a few days away.  We will be heading back home today, (Thursday).  Last night, one of our members called and asked if we were going to church tonight at Ocean Shores Baptist Church, and I told her that we do make it a habit to attend church even on vacation.  She said the church was right beside the movie house, so we said we would skip the movie and go to church! Ha!  Anyway, her mother attends the church and she wanted us me to anoint her with oil and pray for her as I and my deacons do for our people when they request it for their health.  We do practice the Bible.  Anyway, the church did not have any oil, oil so I went and bought some Olive Oil.  And, since they had never done anything like that, they let me put the little dab of oil on her forehead and three of us prayed for her to be healed.  I don't know what God's will is for everyone's health, but I do pray for their healing and have no doubt that God can and does heal.  I pray in faith, expecting God to do something special, and He so often has done many special things.  I left the oil with the pastor in case they wanted to pray for someone else someday and anoint them with oil like James 5 says. 
I don't believe in faith healers, but I do believe in praying in faith for healing.  I don't believe that any man has God's power to heal, but I do believe that any man who has faith can pray and that God has the power to heal.  (We have not  because we ask not.)  So, todays talk is about prayer and healing. 
Let me speak about vacations as well.  I don't take many, but I'm for them.  I have done a lot of work on our staff manual while on vacation and my wife and I have bowled (I  bowled 218 and it was the first time I've bowled in a year.  I usally bowl once a year with the teenagers.)  Then we golfed nine holes yesterday and my wife did great.  We have walked a few miles on the beach together, and I have lifted weights and ran on a treadmill each day for at least a mile, and I feel like I've got in shape some.  Vacations are great.  Even Jesus went aside for a while.  Just don't let any vacation keep you out of church!  Go to church even on vacations!  Well, got to go.  May God richly bless!!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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