Thursday, March 6, 2008

Instructions in the Law

I just finished the book of Leviticus and started out in Numbers and the book of Leviticus is a book of instructions for God's people about how to live.  It covers the sacrifices in the first eight chapters and then it covers all types of situations in life.  I started reading in chapter 12 this morning, and the first few chapters were about how a priest was to tell whether something was leprosy or not.  It goes through about a dozen or more different conditions and tells whether they are clean or unclean.  The interesting thing is that the priest was the one who made the decision based upon God's Word.  We have a high priest who makes those decisions, Jesus Christ!!  What He has called "clean", let no man call "unclean".  We see this all around us that people doubt the Salvation of others because they look "unclean", but remember that Salvation is a matter of the heart and even backslidden Christians are still Christians!!  In chapter 26:8, it says:  "five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight".  Five goes into an hundred twenty times!  One chasing twenty is quite impressive, but an hundred goes into a ten thousand an hundred times!  One chasing an hundred is even more impressive!! Here is the IDEA:  There is strength in numbers.  If five of us can do something for God, imagine what a hundred of us can do for God, and .... imagine what a thousand of us could do for God.  Why do Churches want to grow????  To do MORE for God!!  This is the whole key to growth and the reason for it.  There is strength in Numbers!!  Well, having established that... guess what the next book in the Bible is named?  Numbers!!  The Book of Numbers, numbers.  We start off by numbering the priest.  You see, in the last chapter of Leviticus, it taught about tithing and how one of every ten things born belong to God just like one tenth of our increase.  So God has the Levities numbered from age 30 to age 50 (their working age for duty in the tabernacle).  Instead of calling one child in ten from the tribes of Israel, God's plan was to use one whole tribe as His priest.  So, they are numbered to see if they really are one in ten males between 30 and 50.  Well, they come up short, so the Israelites pay 5 shekels for each person under the number needed.  It is a very interesting study, but I'll pass by it for now.  See you tomorrow as I see God number more things.  Have a great day!!  Pastor Mutchler

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