Saturday, September 6, 2008


In Leviticus we see the laws concerning offerings, and how to deal with things like leprosy and uncleanness.  Personal conduct and punishment for sins are covered in chapter 19 and penalty for sins are described in chapter 20 for immorality. In Leviticus 22:24 it says: "Ye shall not offer unto the LORD that which is bruised, or crushed, or broken, or cut;"  The idea is that we only offer to God that which is worthy of giving to God.  We are to give to God that which cost us something.  Our lives are worthy to give to God who saved us and it is our reasonable service to live for Christ. 
*A year of Rest- In Leviticus 25, we see that every seven year was to be a year of rest. The land was to rest and not be sowed upon but to lay fallow.   When the nation of Israel went into the seventy year captivity in Babylon, the Bible records that seventy years was chosen because the land had missed it's year of rest for 490 years!!  So, the seventy made up for it! I think God takes a year of rest and a day of rest seriously.
*In Numbers 3, we see that God believes in tithing people too!!  You see God says that one in every ten males belong to Him.  Instead of having the serve Him out of every tribe, he took all of the men from one tribe, LEVI. Then the rest was made up with the people of Israel paying 5 shekels per person they were short.  God believes in tithing.  In a Church, there ought to be some young men answering the call to Pastor, be Missionaries, be on a Church Staff, because God wants one man in ten to serve Him full time.  Something to think about!!
Well, just a few thoughts for today.  Tomorrow is Sunday!!  A great day, and also our 24th anniversary as a Church.  May God bless!  Pastor Mike Mutchler
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