Friday, April 11, 2008


This morning, I finished up Ezekiel.  Could I admit that Ezekiel is not my favorite book to read?  I get great truths from it, but the verses are long, the subject is judgment on nations that do not take up much time in the Bible, but God has a reason for it to be in there for us, so I read and look for the truths God has for us, but... it is still my least favorite book.  I'm human too!! 

Now for some insights:

1) Ezekiel 33:7  God made Ezekiel a WATCHMAN for the house of Israel to blow the trumpet and sound the alarm about coming judgment.  Pastors are watchmen as well!  So are everyday Christians!  We are to warn the wicked of coming judgment.  Last night I went soul-winning and had the privilege of sharing the Gospel to a lady with two children.  Her husband had left her a few months earlier.  I and my partner were talking with her at the door and she invited us in because it was turning chilly.  I shared God's wondrous plan of Salvation and she was sweetly saved.  With tears she thanked us for sharing the Gospel with her.  My soul-winning partner had tears in his eyes.  I still get excited about all who trust Christ as their Savior.  I'm a WATCHMAN!  My job, and yours, is to share the Gospel.

2) Ezekiel 34:31  God's Flock.  "And ye my flock, the flock of my pasture, are men, and I am your God, saith the LORD God."  We are God's flock!  I like that!

3) GOG AND MAGOG.  (The People and the Land)  Ezekiel 38 & 39 is about the battle of Armageddon.  It tells some of the forces that will come against Jerusalem.  Gog and Magog have always been known to be Russia.  Mesheck and Tubal are confederate countries.( vs. 2,3)  vs. 5- "Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, vs. 6- Gomer (Germany), and all his bands, the house of Togarmah (Turkey) of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee."  Why the battle of Armageddon?  It is not about oil, but faith!!  The one world church coming against Jerusalem for still believing in God.  It may be... that all of the Muslims of the world will unite to come upon Jerusalem (I don't know), to attack and wipe out the Jewish believers in Jesus Christ.  Most have already died for their faith as martyrs in the Tribulation, but some are just come to Christ.  BUT... the good news is that CHRIST WINS!!!  AND... we are on HIS team!!!

4) Ezekiel 48-  THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL.  In this chapter they are listed twice.  Once they are listed as it relates to the land they possess, and secondly they are listed as the gates of the city; but, they are listed differently.  When you talk about the land of Israel, the twelve tribes do not have the sons of Jacob, Joseph and Levi listed.  Levi did not get an inheritance because God was the inheritance of the priest. (they lived off of the tithes and offerings of God's people.... "they that preach the Gospel, should live of the Gospel" (that's Bible); and Joseph because his two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh each and land given to them.  (thus taking up the missing portions for Joseph and Levi).  But, then the twelve gates are named and now they are the actual names of the 12 boys of Jacob, so Ephraim and Manasseh are left out and Joseph and Levi are named.  Does that help you understand why sometimes the twelve tribes are not always the same twelve named?  Clear as mud.  Hope I shed a little light on the subject. 

Well, have a blessed day!!  May God bless!!   Dr. Mike Mutchler, Pastor

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