Tuesday, January 20, 2009

II Chronicles and Ezra

What a lovely day it is going to be.  The air is cold and still outside, but I know it is going to warm up later.  We had such a wonderful time with new families to our church last night.  About 20 of them were able to come over and enjoy a wonderful time of food and fellowship in our home.  They are such wonderful people!  My wife did a great job of cooking and hosting them.

Today, I'm in II Chronicles and here are a few thoughts from the Word of God:
1) In II Chron. 23, Johoiada, a godly priest, makes a covenant with the people that they should be "the LORD's people" (vs. 16).  That is what we are!  We are the Lord's people!  I liked the sound of that when I read it:  "The Lord's people".  That what I am, and that is what I hope those around me see!
2) THE KEY- In II Chron. 26, we see the life of Uzziah, king of Judah.  He was sixteen years of age when he became the king.  And verse four tells us that "he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD,".  So, he is off to a great start!  Now in this chapter, we see the KEY to success in the Christian Life, and I should mention that if you are not a success in the Christian Life, you are not a success nor will you ever be a success in God's eyes.  You might impress man, but man has blinders on and cannot see who you really are, only God can and without your desire to please Him, and be a success in the Chrisitan life, you are a failure as far as God is concerned, and His opinion about us is really the only one that counts!  Now in verse five we see the key:  "and as long as he sought the LORD, God made hm to prosper."  In chapter 31:21 it says of Hezekiah, "to seek his God, he did it with all his heart, and prospered."  The KEY to success in the Christian life is to seek God!  God calls this success!  Not that we are all we ought to be, but that we each day look to God.  Each day we seek Him!!  This is not our Salvation, but it is our everyday lifestyle and God says that this in it's self will cause God to prosper us!!  ARE you seeking Him today?  "LORD, with my whole heart, I look to You today!  I want to talk with You throughout the day, I want to think of You in whatever quiet moments this day has to offer, I want to seek your wisdom, your counsel, your face!!  I love you LORD, and I want to live my life today so that You know it, and that all those around me know it!!  Amen."   Have a great day..... Dr. Mike Mutchler


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