Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today is Thursday.  What a great time I had at Church last night.  We are Walking Thru the Bible and I have enjoyed taking people through this journey.  I am in Joshua today, and let me share the thoughts that came to me as I read this morning:
1) PROBLEM SOLVED?  Well, you would think so, but it wasn't.  The problem was that in chapter nine of Joshua, the Gibeonites fooled the Israelites into thinking that they were a country from very far away that came to make peace with them.  They did trick the Israelites, yet they also knew that God's instructions were to wipe out all peoples.  So, being only three days travel away, they wore worn cloths and gathered moldy bread and such and looked the part of having been on a journey of weeks.  Joshua and the princes made peace with them, only then to find out they were their neighbors.  The people of Israel were upset at their leadership for a while, but the Gibeonites were then made servants of Israel and made to carry their water and other such acts of servitude.  Now, we come to chapter 10, and five kings are upset with the men of Gibeon, and plan on coming against them and wipe them out.  They send a message to Joshua that they are going to be attacked by five kings.  NOW, here is the thought:  Problem Solved!  Just let the five kings wipe out the Gibeonites and you do not have to do it, and you keep your word not to destroy them.  Right?  In my mind, problem solved!  BUT, not in Israel's mind.  They felt that when they made a league with the men of Gibeon, they became their allies, not just their servants.  So they run all night long (10:9) and battle the five kings that have gathered against Gibeon.  And, it is in this battle, that the SUN stands still a whole day!  Yes, the Sun stood still.  Not in a battle the Israelites were fighting in for themselves, but in a battle they were fighting in for their allies, the men of Gibeon.  Wow!  Even God got into the battle for the Gibeonites.  When you are on God's side, He fights your battles for you!
2) SEVERAL AT A TIME- Joshua 10:42 "And all these kings and their land did Joshua take at one time, because the LORD God of Israel fought for Israel."  In chapter then, Joshua fought with five kings at once in delivering Gibeon.  In chapter 11, the rest of the kings of Canaan gather together to fight against Israel.  There were many kings that gathered until in Chapter 11:4, it says:  And they went out, they and all their host with them, much people, even as the sand that is upon the sea shore in multitude, with horses and chariots very many."  And Joshua conquered all of these kings all together.  Several at a time so that before the year was over according to chapter 12:24 ".... all the kings thirty and one." 
Well, just two thoughts to share today before my time has gone.  In chapter 13:1 I have the thought:  "There is always more!", but I don't have time to develop it.  Hope you have a blessed day!
Pastor Mike Mutchler


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